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Dog Behaviour Home Visits   
These sessions consist of us covering a wide variety of behaviour together. This might be some of the more common behaviours that you hear about such as; jumping up, stealing food, unwanted

barking, attention seeking, toilet training issues, mouthing, over excitement, recall issues (not coming back off the lead and chasing) and heel work, to name but a few. 

This also may consist of some deeper behavioural problems such as; separation anxiety, aggression, food/object protection, other forms of anxiety and coprophagia (eating faeces) and dog on dog aggression. 

During the session we will go through a full history of the problems that you have been having get to the bottom of the actual issues causing these problems. I always encourage you to make a list of problems before I arrive and I will then develop a new routine for each individual dog behaviour and develop a programme specifically tailored for you to follow to get you back on the correct path. As everyone's life is different I also make sure that each routine can realistically fit in with your day to day living. I will always be there to support you every step of the way.

This session costs £35 (if you are out of the area it may cost extra for petrol charges) and comes with a full written plan covering everything we have gone through on the day (so there is no risk of getting confused or forgetting things).

All training is done through positive training, to help the dog get used to positive associations made with the training. This is instead of negative methods such as; shouting, throwing things in front of the dog, squirting it with water etc. Unfortunately there is still a lot of this old fashioned training around and while some believe it works, generally it is just a short term solution to underlying issues. This may in fact cause more damage to the dog over a period of time and make the original problem even worse.

I also use alternative therapies, especially when there are anxiety issues involved. This technique has a wonderful effect when run along side a training regime. I have used this method with many of the rescue dogs that I have worked with.

1 Hour Training Session Outside
These sessions focus on training outside in a more realistic, natural environment.

The session is aimed at heel work (pulling on the lead), lunging at other dogs, phobias outside, aggression, anxiety, over excitement around other dogs and people, recall (running off), sheep and wildlife chasing and general obedience. 

The session takes place at various locations where we can meet up safely. This will be confirmed upon booking. I can travel to a location near you; however this is likely to incur an additional cost. The session lasts one hour and costs £20 (reports are not included during this session).

Pre-Puppy Visits
If you are thinking of getting a puppy and you are struggling to know which direction to go in then this is the session for you. This visit is to help prepare you for all of the fun a puppy brings. This will cover all areas of puppy training and the prevention of mistakes within the first few weeks. We cover toilet training, crate training, sleep routine, how to prevent separation issues, teething and the dogs diet.

Puppy Visits
This is for people who want to start training their puppy before it is allowed outside (i.e. before its injections) or for people who wish to develop a good routine from an early age. We cover basic commands, routine, toilet training, stimulation games, feeding routine, teething and setting boundaries. 

My advice is always specifically tailored to the owner and the family environment the puppy is living in, whether this is your first pet, you have young children or you are an experienced dog owner this session will give you the guidance you need.
This is all simplified and easy to follow as it comes with a written plan, emailed to you. This session costs £35, including the plan. We will discuss further training needs, if required, which may include training and socialisation classes or further one to one work outside. 

This takes place in a local field in the summer months. I do however include fun flyball and agility in some of my training classes. This in great exercise and is not competitive. Please contact me for further details.

I travel to a vast area of Lancashire and Cumbria for home visits including: Carnforth, Morecambe, Lancaster, Heysham, Overton, Caton, Bolton le Sands, Slyne, Hestbank,  Garstand, Cockerham, Yealand Warton, Burton in Kendal, Halton, Kellets, Kendal, Grange, Milnthorpe, Arnside, Windermere, Ambleside, plus many more.

I also have my own Clinic where you can drop in to make an appointment or ask advice.

156 Heysham Road, Morecambe, Lancashire
CALL 07883092453 between 9.00am - 7.00pm
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