Dog Behaviourist and Massage Therapist - Company Message

Monty and WatsonNellieDexter
Nellie : Sit and leave : sit and waitRubyPoppy
TedTedChristmas -RubyRubyMac
Max Labrador : Stay : Going : Recall
 : Straight over! : StayMac Labrador
MacLuna BoxerLuna Boxer
Lucy Springer SpanielLucy Springer SpanielDante Gordon Setter
Dante RecallAlfie Labrador
Alfie LabradorDanteLucy
Group : I can take a bowRuby Spaniel : If i sit straight i'm sure that treat will be mine!
 : Beg!GroupBettyMilo
DylanRed,Peppa and Zues
Ted (who was a nervous dog but now loves the classes)
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